Business Consultant Reaching out to over 1,000.000 Nationwide industry and party goers through emails, bulletins. Booking Models, Artists, Djs, Photographers, Special Occasions and more... We are "Networking to Improve your Net Worth". Networking creates business. With the right connections, it can help ensure stability and consistency for your business. Marketing, promotions and advertising campaigns help paint a picture about your business, products or services. Networking takes it one step further. It is like a personal recommendation. We have been networking with thousands of businesses nationwide. Our main focus is in entertainment. In this industry, one needs the right connections to make it and remain in the limelight. Our network of professional affiliates in diverse fields of expertise affords us the ability to utilize truly qualified, specific talent to specific jobs. Total Industry specializes in promotion and marketing of established, new and upcoming companies. Our very talented and highly creative production department works hard to ensure that your company shines. Networking has made us well connected with industry professionals who can help you reach your goals. Our talent management division employs a unique high quality management style that is second to none. We value your business, so we constantly seek innovative ways to serve your needs. Our expertise in promotion comes from many years of actual hands-on-experience. Most of our Promotional Directors are former and semi-active entertainers, extremely knowledgeable of the circuit. We have established a presence and actively participate in the entertainment community and are proud to be a part of it. Our growth is fueled by the enormous energy that surrounds this organization. Business, professional careers and finances are at stake when it comes to your business.

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